(Y)our INTenSE story

We think it’s important to share experiences and stories about dementia self-experience to learn from each other and improve dementia care. Below you can read or view some stories and experiences of users through their testimonials.

Do you want to share your story or experience, for example with the toolkit, please let us know.

Verbal stories

“Putting yourself into someone else’s shoes, it is the only way to experience the others’ feelings.”


“…we have to look at the means to the end. Yeah. And the means to the end is the person with dementia will be cared for in a much more empathetic and compassionate level of understanding if the person caring for them knows the degree of impact that goes on within their reality.”

“Well, I have to say that until the preparation for the workshop I was not really aware of how a person with dementia feels. For example, I wasn’t aware of this film with the flickering visual image. And I, for example, I didn’t even know what kind of effects these different eye diseases really have. So I know ok, there’s something wrong with the lens, but that you really only see a small dot, that’s something you can’t imagine with our good eyes.”

“I find it very impressive because a person is specifically prescribed their emotions or reactions. It’s a valuable tool because you can think yourself into the situation of the person with dementia much better.”


“For the nursing staff, it is routine work and these are the patients’ fears, especially with regard to visual and hearing impairments, I would say. I also found the video totally impressive, which was also shown during the preparation.


Video stories

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